Gas Membranes

Our gas membranes protect buildings from potentially dangerous ground gases such as radon and methane. View our collection of radon membranes, ground gas membranes and VOC and hydrocarbon membranes.

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JUTA Gas Membranes

Gas membranes are crucial when planning construction projects, especially on high-risk or contaminated sites. The JUTA range of gas membranes are high-performance, multi-functional membranes that protect structures and people from gas contamination. Our advanced manufacturing technology produces the best performing membranes on the market - explore our collection and find the right gas membrane for your project.

Gas Membranes

What is a Gas Membrane?

Gas membranes are synthetic, plastic sheets that prevent harmful gases seeping through them into undesirable places such as offices or homes.

Gases permeate through surfaces at different rates – you can see helium has a faster permeation rate than nitrogen.

How Do Our Gas Membranes Work?

Because gases pass through structures at different speeds, our membranes ‘select’ which gases pass through and which ones don’t, maintaining a controlled flow. Every membrane has different qualities, which is why we categorise them.

The image shows how the permeate is the part of the feed that passes through and the retentate is the part that doesn’t.

Gas Membranes
Gas Membranes

Why Do You Need to Install Gas Membranes?

Some building sites are affected by harmful, permanent ground gases or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

If buildings don’t get the necessary protection – these gases and compounds could seep into the building and damage the health of the residents.

JUTA gas membrane systems protect homes from these gases and follow legislation methodologies provided by BSI.

Our systems also perform the function of a damp proof membrane – which prevents the uptake of moisture into the building.

Inception to Completion

Inception to Completion

JUTA's Technical team are members of the industry standards groups for both ground gas and waterproofing, and have an active role in developing new standards. Our team of experts provide tailored packages to suit your bespoke project needs.We provide everything from advice and training to full designs, taking the project from inception to completion. We're here to work with you to achieve the desired outcome and ensure your structure is future-proofed.

Project Design

We Make the Process Simple

The Process
After a thorough consultation, we provide a range of systems in line with site-specific requirements.
The Process
All our installers are certified NVQ Level 2 qualified installation contractors.
The Process
We weld our membranes to building foundations, as tape isn’t robust enough to keep out harmful gases.

Why Use Juta Gas Protection Membranes?

The GP® range of gas protection membranes are high-performance, multi-functional membranes that protect from ground gases.

Our advanced manufacturing technology produces the best performing membranes on the market. Keep scrolling to see our most popular products.

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