Structural Waterproofing

Our systems waterproof and protect any new building structure and are ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects.

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JUTA Structural Waterproofing Systems

A key part of any construction project, our systems prevent the ingress of water into residential and commercial buildings. The British Standard for Waterproofing (BS8102:2009) sets out three types of suitable waterproofing: Type A, Type B and Type C.

Structural Waterproofing

What is a Structural Waterproofing System?

A structural waterproofing system is any system that prevents the entry of water into a building. There are three types:

Type A: a barrier which is usually sandwiched between the floor and walls.

Type B: a structure that is waterproof by design; relies on the materials used and the design of the building.

Type C: a water management system that controls and diverts water into a disposal point such as a sump pump.

How Do JUTA Structural Waterproofing Systems Work?

Operation depends on the type of system we use, but all our systems protect against water damage. Type A systems provide an active barrier defence against water, Type B systems protect the building through design, and Type C systems drain water through an extraction system.

Structural Waterproofing
Structural Waterproofing

Why Do You Need Structural Waterproofing Systems?

Structural waterproofing is vital when keeping buildings dry and habitable. We’re seeing rising water levels, more floods and more rain than ever before.

The intrusion of water into new builds can be devastating and causes thousands of pounds worth of damage. To get the greatest level of protection at the lowest cost, plan waterproofing your buildings as soon as possible.

Partner With Our Specialist Team

Partner With Our Specialist Team

Structural waterproofing below ground is a specialised operation. It must be undertaken by contractors and designers who have the requisite levels of skill and experience.Our technical team specialise in structural waterproofing and will work with you to choose a suitable waterproofing solution.

We Make the Process Simple

The Process
After a thorough consultation, we provide a range of systems in line with site-specific requirements.
The Process
All our installers are certified NVQ Level 2 qualified installation contractors.
The Process
We weld our membranes to building foundations, as tape isn't robust enough to keep our harmful gases.

Why Use JUTA Structural Waterproofing Systems?

We offer complete quality assurance – our systems comply with NHBC and BBA standards and products are CE marked and independently assessed. Also, we work with CSSW Trained Surveyors which is a requirement in many waterproofing applications.

You’ll also receive support from our in-house technical team, who’ll help you to prepare all waterproofing details. Simple and effective – no overcomplicated processes and unnecessary accessories.

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